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About Us/FAQs

  • Locally owned and operated in the Waterloo Region
  • Over 25 years of experience providing personal and corporate transportation
  • Our cars are smoke free and are meticulously cleaned and maintained
  • All of our professional chauffeurs have extensive experience, and are trained to ensure your safety and comfort
  • Our prices are up front and include 13% HST. We do not charge any late night fees, gas surcharges,  etc.
  • Fully commercially insured


Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t leave for a month when should I make my reservation?

We recommend that you make your reservation with us as soon as you get your tickets, we can take reservation’s months in advance. We try to accommodate short notice booking, but we can be booked up, so don’t leave it to the last minute!

Where do I get picked up at Pearson Airport?

When you have a confirmed pick up scheduled you proceed to the ‘pre arranged limo desk’  and give the commissioner your name and that your traveling with ‘Blackcar Waterloo Region’. Your car will then be paged to the curb and will be there shortly. At Terminal 1 this desk is located just inside Door ‘A’ and at Terminal 3 it is also located inside Door ‘A’.

How much luggage can I bring ?

All of your luggage must be able to fit into the trunk, four (27″x20″x12″ including handles/wheels) suit cases and two small carry ons, will be able to fit.

What should I tip the driver?

The standard gratuity for a chauffeur is 15%

How do I pay?

You pay your chauffeur in the car, Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express (Drivers to not carry change, exact Canadian cash only please)

What do I do if my flight is delayed?

Your chauffeur will be tracking your inbound flight, and will be aware of your adjusted landing time. You only need to inform us by phone if you are not on the flight which is on your confirmation.

What do I do if my flight is canceled?

If your inbound flight is canceled please inform the office by phone ASAP as to your new arrangements.

What do I do if I am stuck in customs or getting my luggage after I have landed?

Your driver will wait a maximum of one hour after your actual flight arrival, if you are delayed longer then one hour you must call the office to confirm your arrival, and the car will continue to wait for you,   if you do not call the office a no show may be declared and the car will return to base and you will be charged full fare.

Why does it cost a little more to be picked up at Pearson Airport then it does going to the airport?

The Greater Toronto Airports Authority charges an Pre-Arranged vehicle service fee for all pickups at Pearson airport.


View our policies at: Blackcar Waterloo Policies

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