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I had a great trip visiting my colleagues in Waterloo this week from Montreal! My experience is the true definition of customer service: I lost my Amex in the car. Peggy immediately noticed it and returned it to me! But that’s not all…. On the way we chatted about a great place that makes apple fritters … but given the short time of my stay, I could certainly not have tried it. It sounded delicious (I have to confess that I have a very sweet tooth…). On my next day, I had the awesome surprise of receiving a delivery of hot apple fritters at the reception of our office…. a gift from Peggy! Wow!!! Thanks so much I have never had such an experience, you are awesome …. you’re the best. Thank you BlackCar, you have a very good asset in your company!


I want to thank all the people at Black Car Waterloo who made it possible for me to find my ‘lost’ prescription sunglasses right on the armrest in the limousine that picked me up from the Toronto airport!! I arrived from a long trip on Sunday, feeling tired and bedraggled and dragging myself and my suitcase along – what an unexpected happening to see those glasses. I was so surprised and overjoyed!
Special thanks to Janet who left me a voice message on Jan.27 letting me know that I had left the glasses in the car after our drive to the airport that day; this saved me from wondering and worrying about where I had left them. Perhaps she also took them to your office. Somehow the glasses were in the right car at the right time! Please extend my appreciation and gratitude to Dave, the owner of Black Car Waterloo. He certainly went above and beyond the call of duty. I am grateful for his kindness and service. Over the years I have been very pleased with the competence and professionalism of your drivers.
Thanks again !!

Anne S.

Four years ago our son Justin moved to Waterloo to pursue a career opportunity. We had never been to that part of Ontario before, and suddenly we were thrust into travelling there and visiting on a regular basis. A big part of those visits was the service provided by Blackcar Waterloo, shuttling us between Pearson Airport and our son’s home in Waterloo.
Justin has now relocated to Toronto, and as a result, our use of Blackcar Waterloo would appear to be at an end. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service over these past 4 years, both in terms of navigating the 401 during difficult traffic, and also the friendly, courteous, and professional service provided by your drivers and other staff.
Thank you again, and we wish you all the best.

Shane & Marilyn

Thank you kindly for your assistance.

We were most pleased with this service.  I want to thank you for the great service you provide – not just this time, but on all accounts.  I appreciate having confidence that your driver will arrive when scheduled & that she’ll have a pleasant experience.  It makes my job enjoyable & I deeply thank ALL OF YOU for what you do best.


Katie B.

I used your service this past weekend to travel to Toronto for Thanksgiving dinner. My driver was courteous, friendly and professional and I felt very well taken care of. Also, his driving was great and I am a bit of a nervous passenger. The pricing is fair and I did do some comparison shopping before booking. I will definitely be using your company again and telling people about you!!

Shirley R.

REALLY thought a LOT of both our drivers – thank you so much and we will use you again soon!
That car was the SANEST vehicle we got into
BOY we were happy to see it!

Debbie Y.

I have used your service many times in the past and it has been great every time. Your drivers are friendly and professional. The one time we didn’t use the service, we really regretted it.

Rosalind H.

Thank you for the great service in getting my daughter and boyfriend to Pearson yesterday in such difficult conditions. Their flight was delayed but they got off to the UK safely and we appreciate the care and service that you provided.

Leslie D.

I wanted to thank you so much for your services on our arrival at Pearson Airport.  My husband and I had a late arrival.  We were overtired (to say the least) after nearly 25 hours of plane travel with almost no sleep.

I walked up to the prearranged limo pole and gave my name.  He said your car will be right here, please just stand here.  In no more than 3 minutes, our driver pulled up to the curb.  We stepped into your lovely car. There were two bottles of water and some mint candies waiting for us in a clean luxurious and roomy car.  What a treat after 24 hours of cramped airplane seats!!!

The driver was kind, courteous and pleasant.  He offered conversation when we chatted with him, but at the same time, was respectfully quiet.  The drive back to Cambridge was relaxed and so very comfortable. I am sorry that I do not remember the driver’s name (I was just to tired to remember)  He took care of our luggage on both ends of the trip, carrying it himself, all the way to our front door.

Once home my husband and I actually said to one another that this was the BEST way we could have ended our vacation…. We WILL use your services again and highly recommend it to anyone considering a ride to or from the airport.

Thank you so very much for such attentive and quality service.

Phyllis and Steven

Just wanted to follow up and thank you so much for your services they were amazing 🙂 Thanks again!! 🙂

Angela S.